Emerson Exterior Remodel | Wellesley, MA 

0158: Emerson Exterior Remodel Wellesley, MA

This project is a great example of how the different divisions under Provost Companies can come together to create exceptional results for this construction project in Wellesley, MA.

This project consists of the initial site work includuding, excavating and re-grading the property to improve drainage and access.

Our construction division was tasked with replacing some of the exterior siding and installing a new deck on the home. To provide more value to the client we installed waterproof taping on the top of all our joists to help prevent moisture from entering. We leave the bottom and side open so it can breathe. This prevents moisture from falling directly into the inevitable splits (specifically at the top of the joist where it will take direct rain and water infiltration) that occur in PT lumber. This wasn’t our idea, and we aren’t taking credit for it, it’s just a best practice we follow to provide more value to the client. Yes, using steel joists is a superior solution but steel is often outside of the budget.

Our landscape construction team was tasked with re-grading the yard, installing a bluestone patio and fieldstone retention wall. 

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