Fairbanks Custom Pergola


Fairbanks Custom Pergola

This is a truly custom-crafted pergola. It started with a concept picture presented by the client of a much smaller (12′ x 16’) highly detailed “kit” unit, that required seven support columns. The spans on our site were too long (20’ x 32’). The existing features made using two columns ideal. We went to the drawing board. We came out with this.

It’s constructed of a pressure-treated sub-frame veneered with PVC composite trim. All of the details were handcrafted from raw materials. Simply said, not simply installed. Not an easy build by any stretch. Notice the foe girders and columns. LVL’s were used to make the 30+’ span and to eliminate the need for additional support columns. This makes the space as open and free as possible. The design intent is a custom, low maintenance, pergola built to last.

The lighting package was designed for multiple uses. We provided work lights both strategically and aesthetically placed to improve nighttime cooking. We used dimmable WAC lighting sconce’s to illuminate the columns and doors and allow smooth lighting transitions. One of the most luxurious features is the ability to control the lighting intensity and power right from your phone. We used Lutron Caseta switches inside the home, which gives our client the ability to power these from anywhere his wifi connection will allow him to.









































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Provost Companies is an experienced and organized team of professionals committed to excellence in the construction management field, Provost Companies has built a strong presence and reputation in the Greater Boston area over the last 10+ years.

“A Pleasure To Work With!”

We recently had Provost complete the installation of a pergola over our back patio. Their team did an excellent job and our project manager Richard was a pleasure to work with.