Top Five Reasons to Hire a CSP

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Snow and Ice Removal Company

A Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification has become the recognized standard for snow and ice management services. It represents a level of professionalism and excellence in the specialized trade for snow and ice removal. Provost Companies snow and ice removal operators undergo regular training to maintain certifications necessary to service large commercial and industrial clients in the Greater Boston Area.
Having a Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification also means that you’ve been assessed for and recognized for running a top-shelf snow and ice removal business. To hold on to your CSP, you are annually required to acquire continuing education to maintain good standing in your profession.


Here are the top five reasons for hiring a CSP Certified Snow Professional

  1. Safety
    Poorly maintained properties, especially during the winter months can injure a family member, neighbor, tenant, customer, or any person on your property causing them to slip and fall and severely injure themselves. Most of our snow and ice removal clients are considered essential and therefore have a zero tolerance policy in terms of snow and ice. Maintaining the safety and accessablity of our clients properties is out top priority.
  2. Convenience
    Hiring a CSP certified company means that we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your property is maintained in a safe and effective manner. Simplifying the process of maintaining your commercial or industrial property is out top priotity, our goal is to make the entire process convenient for our customers.
  3. Accessablity
    A poorly maintained property in the winter time can signal to guests, tenants or clients that you are closed for business, or do not take the safety and accessablity of your property seriously. Having a CSP company like Provost lets your guests, tentants, employees and clients know that you take safety and accessablity seriously.
  4. Efficiency
    A CSP provider like Provost Companies has all the right equipment, tools and personeel to make the snow removal process efficient so you can get up and running as soon as possible.
  5. Liability
    Hiring a professional snow and ice removal company will ensure that you reduce your liablity in the case of a slip and fall accident. Our proven and documented protocols ensure that the best practices have been put in place for your property to help reduce your liablity.

When the snow does come, Provost Companies will be on site to remove snow and ice safely and efficiently to ensure accessability of your property. If you own or manage a commercial or industrial property in the Greater Boston area, give us a call today to schedule a site visit and comprehensive snow removal plan and proposal from Provost Companies. At Provost Companies, we are committed to excellence.

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