When the Snow is Getting Up there, We Get Up There, Too!

When the Snow is Getting Up there, We Get Up There, Too!

Managing snow and sometimes unpredictable snowstorms is something the Provost Companies, located in the Stoughton/Boston, Massachusetts metro are experienced in. But snow removal and winter property management has gone beyond plows, trucks, and dependable personnel.

Provost Companies offers Certified Snow Professionals. These Provost Companies employees are trained in snow removal and winter property management that is now supported by help from above. Above? Yes, we’re using drones to capture aerial imagery of the properties we’ve been contracted to maintain. Flying a drone over your property helps us in many ways and identifies how to best manage and remove the snow before we begin.

The drone surveillance also helps to determine roof and building damage. It provides a clearer bird’s eye view of how to undertake the best plan of action in clearing your parking lot and walkways. And, if storm damage is detected, it provides a good information for repairs and proof of damage for insurance claims and estimates.

Drones also help us to quickly investigate potentially hidden damage to landscaping, HVAC systems, solar panel, and gutter and rainwater management performance. So, not only do we stay on top of our game to help assure the reduction or elimination slip and fall injuries themselves or injury to the person or people removing it.

We do what we do quickly and correctly for you whether it’s nuisance snow, a blanket of snow, or piles of snow. Not every winter season is the same. With our eye in the sky, we can also assure you that the job has been done properly whether you’re on the property or away! Seeing is believing. Isn’t it worth knowing that driveways, walkways, and parking lots have been properly sanded, salted, and cleared quickly and efficiently?

We can proudly say that the Provost Companies is “up there” when it comes to professional snow plowing and ice management service for Stoughton, Massachusetts and the surrounding towns.